Suzy Chiazzari is recognised as a leader in the field of Holistic Design and Colour Therapy. Her work has been featured on radio, television and in many newspapers and magazines. She is a gifted designer experienced healer, international lecturer and workshop leader. Suzy is on the panel of experts for several magazines and also on the international board for the association for Holistic Design and founder of the International Wheel of Colour Association (IWOC).

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The Holistic Design institute is a leading UKRLP registered online college that provides specialist training in Interior design, Garden design and Therapeutic Art and Music.

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Colour Therapy Courses

At the Iris School of Colour Therapy we are passionate about colour. We believe that colour is a natural gift that we can use to enrich ourselves, and to help us through the stresses and challenges of life.

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Popular Courses

Egyptian Sekhem Colour and Gem Mastery

Egyptian Sekhem Colour and Gem Mastery

Sekhem Healing with Sacred colours, light, gems and crystals 9 Lessons The Ancient Egyptians were renowned for their sophisticated system of sacred…

Holistic Colour and Style Consultant

Holistic Colour and Style Consultant

Professional Diploma 10 Lessons Holistic Colour and Style Consultancy shows you how your personal colours and style can reveal your inner beauty,…

Transformative Therapy using Art and Music

Transformative Therapy using Art and Music

Transformative Therapy Diploma course HOME STUDY DIPLOMA COURSE 10 Lessons If you believe in the power of the creative Arts and Music to transform…


A new graduate adds her thoughts:

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the whole Colour Counsellor and Healer course and even though I am now qualified I am going to miss my studies. I want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a lovely healing experience through colour therapy and i am really looking forward to the work ahead of me.

Advanced Colour Therapy Counsellor Diploma