Colour Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Counsellor and Healer using the coloured rays

Colour Spiritual Healing Certificate.

10 Lessons

This course teaches you how to use colour vibrations for spiritual healing by creating a channel of light through your aura and directing vital light rays through your chakras, third eye, hands and with the mind. Colour energy acts as a catalyst helping accelerate the inner healing process. You will learn to use colour healing intuitively, develop your psychic vision and clairvoyance. By understanding the different healing powers of twelve healing rays and the auric colours you will be able to interpret Aura photographs and guide your clients to the colours they need to balance the energy within their system.

A spiritual healer will greatly benefit from using colour rays, because light is a spiritual force that has the ability to pass through all levels of the human psyche clearing and dispersing negativity in the subtle bodies. Using colour for spiritual healing is highly rewarding, effective and adds another dimension to a healer’s work. Colour healing compliments other courses in Spiritual healing but is complete in itself so students can practise as a Colour Spiritual healer. This course includes a set of Healing Coloured Filters.

Part 1.
Lesson 1. Our subtle bodies and the higher realms of colour
Lesson 2. The twelve colour vibrations and their healing qualities
Lesson 3. Channelling the coloured rays, clairvoyance, projection, developing auric vision
Lesson 4. Seeing and drawing the aura – aura readings
Lesson 5. Etheric imprinting using coloured scarves
The lessons of pain and pain control

Part 2
Lesson 6. Polarity treatment and radiant magnetism
Lesson 7. Auric cleansing, strengthening and balancing
Lesson 8. Empathetic healing, gazing, mental projection
Lesson 9. Full spectrum colour healing - healing past life trauma
Angelic Colours and working with the Angel Colour Wheel
Lesson 10. Absent healing using colour projection, channelling spiritual colours

Students who successfully complete the requirements of 70% pass marks in the module tests will receive a IRIS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE in Colour Spiritual Healing. You can apply to join the International Federation of Healing as a friend. You will be able use IRIS Cert. Colour Spiritual Healer after your name.


I just wanted to say how delighted I am with both working on your Colour Spiritual Healing course and the result. I found both of your courses very interesting, inspiring and rewarding. Thank you for all your helpful comments......

I am a Reiki practitioner and qualified Spiritual Healer and I would like to say many thanks, I have really enjoyed the course and have gained so much experience working with colour energy......

Many thanks for your speedy marking, it is so helpful to know how I am doing as am enrolled on 3 of your courses so needed to know if I was working at the right level. I love your positive and informative comments they offer an extra depth to my learning.

I would like to thank you again for your wonderful course as I remember it as being something that helped me to heal and here I am after being given a year to live in 1999.

Thank you for your inspirational and constructive comments. My workshop was well received, and I have been assured of other invitations to follow. C.S. Austria


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"The information has been thorough and thought-provoking and a great compliment to the knowledge I have already obtained in holistic lifestyles."

" I think that doing your course is the best thing I've done..."

"What an interesting course, I have read it over and over "

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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