Energy Medicine - Colour, Gems, Flowers & Flower Essences

Based on the Flower Readings book by Suzy Chiazzari

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Advanced Professional Diploma

12 Lessons

This Energy Medicine course links the the most powerful and subtle forms of healing vibrations provided by nature found in Light, Gems, the Environment and in plants. By using colour and flower essences we have derived a complete system of energy medicine that works on the subtle bodies, balancing and harmonising our system at a deep level.

Energy medicine is fast becoming recognised as the medicine of the future. This Iris International Energy medicine course combines flower essences from both northern and southern hemispheres and helps you select ranges and individual essences which are suitable for you. We nurture your knowledge and intuitive sensitivity so that you can also create your own essences.

Our course links flowers to their colour signatures so that you can quickly understand the healing qualities of every flower, gem or tree essence without having to study every range in depth. We show you how to read the messages the colours through an in-depth study of individual plants and flower essences making this a comprehensive and unique course, leading the way for future development in this area of complementary healing.

Lesson 1. Using colour and flower essences for healing.
Lesson 2. How flower essences link to our aura colours.
Lesson 3. The healing qualities of colours and their relationship to plants.
Lesson 4. Finding and interpreting flower signatures. How to give a flower reading with Flower photo cards supplied with this course. Also flower readings using living flowers, leaves and seeds.
Lesson 5. Making your own colour, flower and gem essences.

Lesson 6. How to choose a range of Flower essences and give treatments.
Lesson 7. Treating the chakras using colours and Flower essences.
Lesson 8. Specific psychological imbalances - healing colour/flower essences.
Lesson 9 - 11. A study of selected Flower essences with colours, healing qualities and uses. (Examples from: Dr Bach, Alaskan Environmental, Australian Bush, Pacific Sea, First Light New Zealand Tree Essences)
Lesson 12. The wonders of Amazon gem and Orchid essences.

IRIS INTERNATIONAL awards a Diploma in Energy Medicine to students obtaining 70% or more in the Module tests and Final Assessment. This course includes some research work of your own. This is very useful for anyone wanting to create their own range of flower, colour or gem essences.

On completion you can join the IICT - International Institute of complementary therapists as a practitioner member.

Graduates wanting to join the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA) should contact them for advice on the requirements for practitioner membership. ( this includes proof of practitioner experience and case studies)


I immensely relished reading, studying, exploring and practising this course at home. It has changed my life completely but most of all it has made me more happy and accepting of myself and others. I feel like a completely different woman. This amazing course has given me great fortitude, self-esteem, self-confidence and a real passion to get up and go out there and achieve my soul purpose.
Thank you so very much.

Extract from a letter from a student.
I cannot thank you enough for the positive feedback and encouragement you have given me and your passion for nature and the environment and the connectedness and sacredness of all life.

Extract from a letter from another student.
Thank you for a very interesting course. It has given me a good overview of the flower essence world and deepened my relationship with nature. I particularly enjoyed looking at the plants in my garden and your book on Flower Readings.

All courses come with a set of Flower Photos (by email) that can be printed out and made into cards so you can give Flower Readings.

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