Egyptian Sekhem Colour and Gem Mastery

Sekhem Healing with Sacred colours, light, gems and crystals


9 Lessons

The Ancient Egyptians were renowned for their sophisticated system of sacred colour, aroma and gem healing. They were masters of astrology, geometry and their healer priests and priestesses held esoteric wisdom that allowed them to perform incredible feats due to their secret knowledge of how to tap into the healing energies of light and gems. The healer priests understood the power of the life force energy, Sekhem and how to use colour and crystals to bring about powerful physical and spiritual changes.

This Egyptian colour and gem mastery course is for people with some experience of using colour and crystals who wish to expand their spiritual knowledge and learn special skills using gem and light healing. This course is not suitable for beginners. A specially designed Diploma with your name inscribed in hieroglyphs will be awarded to students successfully completing the course. You will also receive your very own blessed Heart Scarab.

Egyptian Spirituality and the mystery school and colour symbolism, Colour healing at Heliopolis,
The seven sacred colours and their meanings
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White
Egyptian gems and their healing power
Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Peridot, Turquoise
Egyptian creation myths and mysteries
Gods and Goddesses and their colours and gems
Gem healing rituals of Isis
Egyptian dream temple gem layouts
Sacred Scarab Healing - Dream Temple Regression,
Heart Scarabs, Winged Scarabs
Egyptian gem and crystal healing for men
Egyptian gem and crystal healing for women
Egyptian gem healing for children
Rejuvenating gem therapy facial cell elasticity and regeneration
Tissue regenerating layout for healing and scar tissue
The transformational power of Sekhem using colour and Reiki healing gem layouts
Amulets, Talismans and charm rituals


A recent student writes -

I have always had an affinity with gems and crystals and my new knowledge has been a great inspiration and has developed my intuitive understanding of this wonderful form of natural healing.

I have found this Egyptian colour and gem course to be most interesting. Since doing this course I have found the true focus for how I want to create my own business and how I personally wish to move forward this year and beyond.... It has been a difficult year for me losing my husband but this work has helped me find a way through...... We both liked your topics and supportive way of working with colour and gems and the content supplied.

Another student tells us

Thank you so much for reviewing my submissions and for the excellent marking. I love the way you add so much to the basic commentary. I also appreciate your constructive help......

Our latest graduate from the USA adds this

Thank you for the wonderful news and for returning my marked coursework with all your insightful commentary. I will continue to learn from you always and I thoroughly appreciate every one of these helpful additions.

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" I think that doing your course is the best thing I've done..."

" It was a pleasure to study with you, and the course has been an inspiration"

" I really feel the thought that has gone into the designing of the course."

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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