Colour Aromatherapy

Colour and Aroma Diploma


12 Lessons

A Diploma course by correspondence based on colour therapy expert Suzy Chiazzari’s book, Colour Scents. In this course Suzy shares her wealth of experience as a Colour Therapy expert and holistic creative Perfumer. You will be tutored by Suzy who will also give you lots of helpful advice.

This specialised course uses the close association of colour and aroma to produce a gentle and subtle system of complementary healing. Unlike other aromatherapy courses, this course introduces ways of using colour and aroma together, concentrating on balancing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Colour aromatic treatments disperse energy blocks in the aura before physical problems occur.

Colour aromatherapy compliments courses in aromatherapy and colour therapy and is suitable for people wishing to start a career concentrating on the psychological and spiritual aspects of energy medicine. Colour and aromatherapy healing treatments works hand in hand, and by combining the two a therapist can offer a popular and specialised service to their clients.

Our course does not train you to be a traditional Aromatherapist, but to use colour for diagnosing problem areas and then how to treat these using colour as a key for mixing and blending oils for massage, bath, inhalation, home purification and anointing the body. Some of our past students have created their own colour aroma oil and perfume blends and products.


Lesson 1. Energy Medicine, What is Colour, Electro-magnetic field, using colour and aroma, essential oils for healing different levels within our system, the colours of plants.
Lesson 2. How colour and aroma affects our body and energy system. Healing colours and aromas for harmonising the chakras. The therapeutic qualities of the spectrum colours.
Lesson 3. Colour Aroma Treatments: Colour healing lamps and colour aroma breathing. Choosing and using carrier oils. How to mix and make a colour spray mist and a pulse point aroma oil. Aroma with gemstones, flowers & silk scarves.
Lesson 4. Blending essential oils using colour as your key.
Lesson 5. Safety guidelines – toxic oils, oils for pregnancy, diabetes, using essential oils with other remedies.


Lesson 6. Essential oils and their colour signatures. Introducing colour into aromatherapy treatments. Pulse point aroma oils, Colour Breathing with aroma.
Lesson 7. Red Ray signature oils – in depth look at different oils
Lesson 8. Orange Ray signature oils – in-depth look at different oils
Lesson 9. Yellow signature Ray oils – in-depth look at different oils
Lesson 10. Green signature Ray oils – in-depth look at different oils
Lesson 11. Blue Ray signature Oils – in-depth look at different oils
Lesson 12. Violet signature Ray Oils – in-depth look at different oils

On successful completion of the coursework and self-administered exam paper with a case study you will receive a Diploma in Colour Aromatherapy and can use the letters Dip. IRIS (Col. Aromatherapy) after your name. You can also join the International Wheel of Colour (IWOC) as a Practitioner Member.


A UK student writes.

I have started reading through the lessons and I want to share my delight. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for and cannot wait to read through what I already know or am remembering on a very deep level. It will be so beneficial to use with Reiki and my other therapies, and I look forward to studying with you.

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" I think that doing your course is the best thing I've done..."

" I really feel the thought that has gone into the designing of the course."

" It was a pleasure to study with you, and the course has been an inspiration"

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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