Rainbow Reiki healing Certificate

Colour Healing with Reiki


RAINBOW RAY REIKI Healing - a distance learning Certificate Course in 2 levels.

RAINBOW RAY REIKI is a wonderful healing system that combines the healing power of the Colour Rays with balancing Reiki energy. Reiki energy is a intelligent healing medium that is projected through the hands, and this Rainbow Rays Reiki course teaches you how to increase and broaden your healing skills by attuning to the higher realms of colour that amplify and extend the power of Reiki.

LESSONS 1 - 5 First Degree
- Rainbow Ray Reiki and how it works
- Using the primary healing rays on the head, heart and hands
- The healing energy of the cosmic Rainbow rays
- Hand alignments for Rainbow Ray self healing treatments - a short video on - Rainbow Reiki hand alignments is available with this Lesson.
- Attunements for the 3 primary Colours and Reiki energy
- Creating and using Colour Ki energy balls

Assessment: Written description of a self-healing session.
You will receive written feedback and advice from Suzy Chiazzari

LESSONS 6 - 10 Second Degree

- Rainbow Ray Reiki symbols that these attune to ancient sacred sanskrit symbols.
- Combining colour with the Rainbow Reiki symbols
- Hand positions for healing others
- Full spectrum attunements for the chakras
- Crystal and Gem Rainbow Ray Reiki treatments
- Rainbow Ray Reiki for distance healing

Assessment: Written description of a Rainbow Reiki healing
session you have given. You will receive comments and advice and
a Rainbow attunement by distance from Suzy Chiazzari at a specified time.

Student Feedback:

I loved this course as it showed me how to integrate colour with Reiki especially as my clients often say that they see colours when I give them healing. Thank you so much for this special course. Student in USA.

I can really confirm that my life has totally changed and a lot of new possibilites have come about. My finances have dramatically improved as people are coming to me rather than me going to them.Student in the UK.

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